armed defense

FPS Assault

Multiplayer Chaos

Wielding an armory of an assortment of 4 weapons, action packed mutiplayer via online server, this game is action packed!

PWN noobs from a sniper outpost or get caught camping, whatever you do, don't look back! Armed Defense: FPS Assault is highly recommended

About the game

Net Diatom set out to make games fun again! Low poly can still be awesome and we have the proof! A PC game that is fun and playable via online multiplayer capabilities. 

If you love FPS you love Armed Defense: FPS Assault plain and simple, lets game.

Secure the area with a battle unmatched in Armed Defense: FPS Assault. Using a Photon Unity Server for an exceptional multiplayer experience with a lobby of up to 20 simultanious players.

Jam packed with a user interface witho ptions to adjust settingsand complete with sound effects and custom imaging. Let's go Armed Defense: FPS Assault, are you game enough?

How To Play

Join any Server after running the game .exe file and wait for matchmaking to complete with other online players.

Press WASD to move the character.
Press 'Right Click' To aim
Press 'Tab' to view player's kills, deaths, K/D and score.
Press 1, 2, 3, 4 to use the different weapons.
Press 'R' to reload

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